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IFB 1.5 Ton 3 Star AC - IACS18KA3TC

IFB 1.5 Ton 3 Star AC  - IACS18KA3TC
IFB 1.5 Ton 3 Star AC  - IACS18KA3TC
Brand: IFB AC
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Product Code: IACS18KA3TC
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Specifications of IFB AC IFB 1.5 Ton 3 Star AC - IACS18KA3TC

IFB 1.5 Ton 3 Star AC - IACS18KA3TC IFB 3 Star Split 1.5 Ton

Key details
Brand IFB
Star 3 Star
Type Split
Ton 1.5 Ton

IFB 1.5 Ton 3 Star ACIFB Air Conditioner 1.5 ton Split AC features such as our patented titan gold technology with 3 STARJayam and co

IFB 1.5 Ton 3 Star ACIFB Air Conditioner 1.5 ton Split AC features such as our patented titan gold technology with 3 STAR

Product Overview

  • IFB split AC has varied options ranging from super power cooling to smart cooling when the climate is humid.
  • IFB split AC has a capacity of 1 ton rotary compressor.
  • Air conditioner has evaporator fin type with titanium dioxide coating and low voltage start up.
  • Anti-mild dew option lets effective cooling to happen with smart technology.
  • IFB split AC has multiple filter for each specific action.
  • Four way swing option will allow effective cooling in every nook and corner of the room.
  • Auto restart ensures the same setting to maintain even when AC restarts after a power cut.
  • IFB include other features include feel mode , anti-mildew , copper connecting pipes , low voltages start up and night glow button.
  • IFB AC has a 3 star energy rating out of 5.
  • Anti-humidity option to maintain moisture content works effectively in order to give comfort and ease for the user.
  • Get an uninterrupted good night_s sleep with setting on and off timers for your AC as per your requirement to maintain the temperature at a pleasant level until morning.
  • Timer will ensure the start and stop of the AC at the specified time with specified settings.
  • Noise level is 37dB.

Key Features

  • Capacity:1.5 TON
  • 3 STAR Rating
  • Type: Split AC
  • Model No:  IACS18KA3TC


  • Capacity - 1.5 Ton
  • BEE Rating - 3 Star
  • AC Type - Split AC
  • Usage - Home 
  • Warranty - 1 Year - 46 B
  • Timers - Yes
  • Noise Level Indoor

Overview & Full Specification of IFB  IACS18KA3TC

With features such as our patented titan gold technology,4 way swing and 10 other powerful features, this air conditioner blow away the competition and your mind. All while keeping you cool. This air conditioner also comes with 1 year warranty on the machine and 4 years on the compressor. So if you�re looking for an air conditioner to keep you comfortable in every sense of the word, this is the one.

If you are looking for an air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable  then the IFB  IACS18KA3TC 1.5 Ton Split air conditioner is the perfect option for you. Powered with patented Titanium Gold Technology, 6-Stage filtration, 4-way cooling and various other powerful features, this AC is designed to keep your breathing easy.

  • Capacity:

IFB  IACS18KA3TC 1.5 Ton Split air conditioner has 6448 Watts of cooling capacity.

  • Design:

Available in a crisp white tone, IFB  IACS18KA3TC 1.5 Ton Split AC has a sleek and flat design which adds elegance to your home interior. The body of the air conditioner is highly durable as it is made up of rust resistant material.

  • Air Filters:

The polluted air passes through its 6 filters namely Dust filter, Activated Carbon filter, Nano filter, Anti bacterial filter, Catechin filter and Vitamin enriching filter which provide you pure, healthy and vitamin-rich air.

  • Speed of Cooling:

Equipped with a powerful rotary compressor, the split AC offers super power cooling in less time.

  • Sleep Mode and Timer:

The sleep mode and On/Off timer feature, come useful when you are about to sleep and want consistent cooling throughout the night.

  • Noise Level:

IFB  IACS18KA3TC 1.5 Ton Split AC has 46 dB noise level.

  • Technology:

The AC is equipped with patented Titanium dioxide technology which ensures that the dirt and moisture slips off smoothly from the AC surface, thereby preventing the growth of micro-organisms.

  • Any Other Specs:

Other features include 4-way air swing, moisture removal, wireless remote control with night glow buttons, Titanium dioxide coated evaporated fin, Auto restart and low voltage start up. It also comes with 1 year overall warranty and 4 years warranty on the compressor.

  • Energy Rating:


The AC comes with BEE 3 star energy rating.

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IFB 1.5 Ton 3 Star AC - IACS18KA3TC

Air conditioners IFB Air Conditioners IFB 1

IFB 3 Star Split 1.5 Ton

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