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Blue Star AC - 5HW09SAFU

Blue Star AC  - 5HW09SAFU
Blue Star AC  - 5HW09SAFU
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Product Code: 5HW09SAFU
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Specifications of BLUE STAR Blue Star AC - 5HW09SAFU

Blue Star AC - 5HW09SAFU Blue Star Yes 3 Star Split 0.75 Ton

Key details
Brand Blue Star
Copper Yes
Star 3 Star
Type Split
Ton 0.75 Ton

Blue Star AC Jayam and co

Blue Star AC

Bluestar split air conditioner

Bluestar split air conditioner with 0.75 ton cooling capacity wall mounted split has a rotary compressor Bluestar split air conditioner has lowered fin condenser and has the following feature like auto restart with memory backup, timer, sleep mode, anti-freeze thermostat and self diagnosis. Bluestar split air conditioner noise levels are 43db and power consumption is 1500 watts Bluestar split air conditioner is easy to use and maintain, it come with different modes of operations and remote control with large LCD, also having night glow button. Bluestar split air conditioner is equipped with auto restart with memory backup and also ensures that you can get perfect sleep in case of power cut. Bluestar split air conditioner is a wall mounted split air conditioner has s BLDC compressor and Bluestar split air conditioner has anti bacteria coating and having the following features like auto start, timer, auto mode and fan mode. Bluestar split air conditioner is maintained with their noise levels and power consumption.


  •  Split Air Conditioner 
  •  0.75 Ton cooling capacity
  •  5 star rating
  •  Refrigerant type
  •  Rotary compressor
  •  Energy Save
  •  Active Carbon Filter

Performance Feature

  •  Air circulation
  •  Moisture Removal
  •  Indoor Sound Level
  •  Outdoor Sound Level

Mode Types

  •  Dry
  •  Cool
  •  Sleep Mode
  •  Auto Mode
  •  Fan Mode
  •  Turbo Mode
  •  Fast cool
  •  Comfort cool
  •  2 step cooling mode
  •  Single User Mode
  •  Good Sleep
  •  De-humidification Mode
  •  Quiet Mode

Filters Used

  •  Anti-bacteria
  •  Active Carbon
  •  Catching
  •  Silver ion filter
  •  Vitamin C Filter
  •  Anti-Acadian Filter
  •  Dust Filter
  •  Full HD Filter
  •  Easy Clean Filter

Convenience Features

  •  Auto Restart with Memory Function
  •  LED Display
  •  Self Diagnosis
  •  ON/OFF Timer
  •  Anti-Freeze Thermostat
  •  Blue Lighting
  •  Smart and Easy Installation
  •  Low Noise
  •  Optimal Single Blade
  •  Air Direction Control
  •  Natural Breeze
  •  Anti-Allergy Coating
  •  Auto Clean
  •  Filter Cleaning Indicator
  •  Remote Controller
  •  Display, Beep, Timer
  •  Anti-Corrision
  •  Muti-Condenser.

Additional Features

  •  I Feel
  •  Blow Button
  •  Auto Mode
  •  Lowered Fin Condenser
  •  Self Diagnosis
  •  Anti-Freeze Thermostat
  •  Wide Angle Air Flow
  •  Fixed and Swing Lowers
  •  Air Flow Direction Control
  •  Display Panel
  •  Hydrophilic Blue Fins Evaporator
  •  Turbo Operation
  •  Long Distance Piping Flexibility
  •  Metal Enclosure for PCB Board
  •  Digital Inverter Technology
  •  Crystal Gloss Panel
  •  Virus Doctor.


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You must choose Double booster stabilizer if there are power fluctuations in your area. Double booster stabilizer will be charged extra.



If you Exchange your Split AC model for any new AC you will get upto 4000 cashback and upto Rs 2500 for window type AC. Exchange prices may vary depending on condition and brand of your AC. Your AC must be in the same location as your installation address.


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Blue Star AC - 5HW09SAFU

Split BLUE%20STAR Blue Star AC 5HW09SAFU

Blue Star Yes 3 Star Split 0.75 Ton

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